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Who is Michael Bradley

More officially: I am a mathematician 🧙 and a systems engineer 🔧 in the aerospace industry ✈️. Less officially: I am a programmer 💻, a secular humanist 🫂, an essayist 🖊️, a furry 🦝, and perhaps an artist ✒️ 🎨 too.

Here is some common information that you’ll probably see in multiple places on the Internet:

  • The website you are currently on, Disjoint Union , is my personal (and official) creative depository.
  • I live in the America/Los_Angeles 🕖 time zone.
  • My full name is Michael Brooks Bradley, hence my email address michael@brooksb.dev.
  • My web handle is typically TheDocTrier 🏷️ (post 2020, a la trier of fact), however you may also see my decommissioned handle Tankobot (pre 2020).
  • My current profile picture 🖼️ is the first 256 rows of Pascal’s triangle mod 6.
    • I chose it because, while clearly not the Sierpiński triangle, it still bears a peculiar similarity (the Sierpiński triangle can be gotten by using a modulus of 2 instead of 6).
    • Indeed, Pascal’s mod 6 is the intersection of Pascal’s mod 2 (the Sierpiński) and Pascal’s mod 3.


Generally speaking, I am a supporter of

  • the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU),
    • for supporting the rights of those with disabilities, people with HIV, immigrants, juveniles, people of all races, members of the LGBTQ community, the incarcerated, and women,
    • and for protecting freedom of speech, human privacy, religious liberty, reproductive freedom, and voting rights,
  • the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF),
    • for defending freedom of speech and combating censorship,
    • see the article Why Defend Freedom of Icky Speech by Neil Gaiman, writer of Coraline, American Gods, and Good Omens, who is also an avid supporter of the CBLDF,
  • Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia,
    • for providing the largest encyclopedia of free content managed through the open collaboration of volunteers,
  • the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF),
    • for promoting freedom of speech, human privacy, network neutrality, and procedural transparency,
    • and for criticizing digital rights management (DRM) and government surveillance,
  • and the Free Software Foundation (FSF),
    • for supporting free software (see GNU/Linux) and neutral hardware,
    • and for criticizing digital rights management (DRM) and software patents.

Here are a bunch of links to my primary accounts across many services (ordered alphabetically). Note that I barely access most of these accounts. Critically, you should only assume I had control over an account if it is listed here explicitly. However, this does not imply that I still control the account as security breaches are always a possibility. If you want to contact me, I recommend sending me an email, michael@brooksb.dev. If you want a more secure option, and we’re already mutuals, then contact me via Signal. The table given here is supposed to act as more of a reference for others (and myself). Be warned, there may be mature materials behind any of the links given.

Platform Link
Archive of Our Own TheDocTrier
Artstation TheDocTrier
DeviantArt TheDocTrier
Discord TheDocTrier#4824
e621 TheDocTrier
GitHub TheDocTrier
Goodreads Michael Bradley
Internet Archive Tankobot
Itch TheDocTrier
Ko-fi Payment TheDocTrier
Liberapay Payment TheDocTrier
Miraheze TheDocTrier
Patreon Payment TheDocTrier
Picarto TheDocTrier
Piczel.tv TheDocTrier
Reddit TheDocTrier
Sourcehut thedoctrier
Signal Must be mutuals.
Stack Exchange TheDocTrier
Telegram* TheDocTrier*
Twitch TheDocTrier
Twitter TheDocTrier
WikiFur TheDocTrier
Wikipedia TheDocTrier

* Telegram should not be considered secure.