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If Free, Why Pay

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I want my work to contribute towards cultural freedom:

  1. the freedom to use my work and enjoy the benefits of using it
  2. the freedom to study my work and to apply knowledge acquired from it
  3. the freedom to make and redistribute copies, in whole or in part, of the information or expression
  4. the freedom to make changes and improvements, and to distribute derivative work

Pursuit of this goal entails some consequences:

  • (1) and (3) imply people will not be forced to pay for my work.
  • (2) and (4) imply people can express themselves with my work.

However, in our present society, money is expected. Since I am unwilling to force payment, I ask for it. If money is tight right now, I understand. Consider how much money your enjoyment of my work is worth. Can you spare that money? How about a fraction of it?

Generally speaking, there are two types of monetary support you can provide: recurring or one-time.


Recurring payments are extremely helpful. They provide a significantly greater amount of stability for myself and my work compared to one-time payments. Look at my currently page. See if a subset of my work warrants your recurring support. If it does, go to one of my recurring payment portals (linked below) and help me continue that work. In your payment, make sure to mention what work you appreciate most. I can’t guarantee that I will continue that particular work, but I will definitely factor it into my goals.

For recurring support, you can use my Patreon (preferred) or my Ko-fi.

If for whatever reason, you would rather make anonymous donations, or extremely small donations, you can use my Liberapay.


Sometimes, recurring payments aren’t the most practical option. One-time payments may be used instead. If you want to show support for a one-off work, a one-time payment is appreciated.

For one-time support, you can use my Ko-fi.

Written by Michael Bradley (see blame for post history)
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