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This page is my way of publicizing what projects are (or should be) receiving my attention. Like many other people on the Internet, I don’t have a strict schedule for most of these. I try to provide an interval of time for each project during which you can expect an update.

I created this page to keep myself accountable (to my goals). I may regret saying this… but, suppose you are a fan of one of my projects. And, suppose I am more than two updates behind on that project according to this page. Then, I give you permission to send me a message or two via my preferred channels listed here. If I see your message, I will try to either hasten my progress on the project or update this page with a fitting schedule.

Disjoint Union

As mentioned on the homepage, this website is my personal depository. It primarily contains essays and art. My current goal: at least one essay and piece of art per week.

The life section has no schedule.


My current goal: at least one Pluvian piece per week.

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