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Site Guide

Here is a starting guide to all of my stuff! This page should be an entry point to all of the other top-level pages.

This list is mostly optimistic until I finish some actual content…

  • ✒️ Essays - my nonfiction writings on various topics
  • 🎨 Art - my various creative pursuits: writings, drawings, etc
  • 🪦 Life - my attempt at autobiographical record keeping
  •  Currently - what I am working on right now
  • ⚗️ Glossary - my personal extensions to the English language
  • Stuff that’s already included in the navigation header:
    •  About - who I am and some info regarding this website
    • 🧭 Guide - the page you’re currently reading!
    • ❤️ Pay - how to pay me and why you should support cultural freedom
    • ⁉️ FAQ - if I’ve been asked a question more than once, it’s probably here
    • 📄 Legal - simple privacy policy and content disclaimer

Written by Michael Bradley (see blame for post history)
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